Mike Shinoda Post Traumatic Tour Jakarta

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Mike Shinoda: Post Traumatic Tour 2019 Live in Jakarta

  • Writer: Aby Zubir
  • Photographer: Rakasyah Reza

California-born musician, Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park, had his solo concert in JIEXpo Kemayoran, Jakarta, on Sept. 4. This concert is held as part of his recent album Post Traumatic Asia Tour with Beatnation Asia and Widelands as the promoter.

The event opened with the British rock band, Don Broco. Bringing four songs of their album, the band lit crowd’s enthusiasm. Rob Damiani, as the vocalist, highlighted the stage with his energetic act since first song Technology.

It took almost an hour-long transition until finally, Mike Shinoda showed up to the stage singing Welcome of Fort Minor followed by crowd’s cheer. Shinoda then got on the piano, playfully playing for Watching As I Fall.

The night continued as the concert’s staff let the crowd from Festival B to join Festival A. 

Shinoda brought 23 songs throughout the concert, including singles from Post Traumatic album, Fort Minor’s, X-Ecutioners’, and of course, Linkin Park’s. Using his piano, he accompanied the crowd singing some of Linkin Park’s essential songs: Numb, In The End, and Heavy. During A Place for My Head, Rob Damiani of Don Broco joined Shinoda on stage. The performance felt complete with Damiani sang Chester Bennington’s part, and Shinoda sang his.

Post Traumatic

Some things were apparent that night: Shinoda made the concert not only about himself, or his album. It was also about Bennington, and most of all, it was about his love for the fans.

Shinoda is scheduled to continue the tour to Manila, Philippines and ends in Nagoya, Japan.


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