The Trees & The Wild

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The Trees & The Wild: The sacred concert that mesmerizes the audience with audio and visual.

  • Writer: Rengga
  • Photographer: Nikki Fadlin

Saturday, 31 August 2019, The Trees And The Wild (TTATW) finally held their concert at Rossi Musik Fatmawati (Jakarta). The show, which was produced by Binaural, has been echoed since last May and received quite high enthusiasm from music lovers, especially Jakarta and its surroundings. This was proven by sold-out tickets for the concert 2 weeks before.

TTATW itself was formed in Bekasi in 2005. After undergoing changes to their Line-Up and musical concept, the band fronted by Remedy WaloniAndra KurniawanCharita UtamiHertri Nur Pamungkas, and Tyo Prasetya finally became comfortable playing music in the post-rock genre, ambient and folk, wrapped in elements of Indonesian music. This concert also coincided with the first decade of their first album, Rasuk which was released in 2009 by Lil’ Fish Record.

The concert opened with the gimmick ‘Blindfold On’ which appeared on-screen on the stage. The audience has to close their eyes and just listen, enjoy the sound and music played by TTATW on stage. The blindfolds are provided by the event maker at the time of the ticket exchange. In the first two songs, Troubled Drone and Three Sisters the audience seemed solemnly enjoying the music and sound played.

The Trees & The Wild

After these 2 songs, visual that appears on the screen asks the audience to take off their blindfold. Zaman, Zaman, Tuah / SebakMonumenSrangan are the next songs they played with almost no stop. TTATW as a band indeed rarely interacts with the audience. They want the audience who come to focus on enjoying the music and visuals that they present.

The audience suddenly raised their heads after suddenly, the intro from Berlin began to ring. After only solemnly listening to music, the audience finally began to sing together. The song from the album Rasuk is indeed one of the songs that TTATW has rarely played back. After that, RoulementsSaijaNyiur, and Gender are played. Several times even TTATW played narratives without music and visuals on the screen that became the stage of their stage to make the concert atmosphere more sacred.

The Trees & The Wild

The last song they played, Empati Tamako became the final song to close their concert this time. This song is one of the singles from the album Zaman, Zaman which is very effective in getting the audience to sing along. The audience began to make a choir when Charita Utami sang the verse ‘The light that you crave, all who ask is lost.’

After the personnel said goodbye, Remedy and Charita returned to the stage to play Kata as an encore. The song, which was taken from the album Rasuk became the actual ending song of The Trees & The Wild concert this time.


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