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TAICCA, Megaport, and KMC Join Forces: Welcoming Curators from 8 Countries to Explore Music Festival Opportunities

Welcoming Curators from 8 Countries to Explore Music Festival Opportunities


In a pioneering effort to globalize Taiwan’s music festivals while enhancing opportunities for Taiwanese musicians to venture abroad, the Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA), in collaboration with Megaport Festival and the Kaohsiung Music Center (KMC), hosted music festival curators from 8 Asian countries on March 30th and 31st during the Megaport Festival in Kaohsiung. 

Among the esteemed participants were curators from eight Asian countries, including Cora Chan of Clockenflap (Hong Kong), Desmond Chew of Esplanade and Huayi-Chinese Festival of Arts (Singapore), Mak Wai Hoo of AXEAN and City Roars (Malaysia), Michiko Fujimura of Tokyo International Music Market (Japan), Nicole Uy of Wanderland (Philippines), Park Joon Young of Busan International Rock Festival (Korea), Reginald Harris of SXSW Sydney (Australia), and Sarun Pinyarat of Maho Rasop and Fungjai (Thailand). In addition to experiencing the performances at Pier2, the curators were also invited to visit KMC, interactive pop music exhibitions, and networking mixers within the music industry. 

During the visit, TAICCA organized business meetings between the curators, Megaport Festival, and KMC to explore strategic alliances with music festivals and venues worldwide, such as exchanging resources for programs and establishing mutually beneficial cooperative relationships. Additionally, industry networking mixers were organized, with over 50 Taiwanese teams participating, facilitating Taiwanese musicians and managers in recommending their works to international curators, leading to fruitful discussions on cooperation opportunities.

Park Joon Young, the curator of the Busan International Rock Festival, expressed amazement at the energetic performances of many new-generation Taiwanese musicians and was impressed by the passion of Taiwanese music fans. Cora Chan, Sarun Pinyarat, and Nicole Uy also commended Taiwan’s extensive venue options and professional equipment.

Doris, the curator of the Megaport Festival, warmly welcomes the overseas curators who have traveled far to attend the events. She emphasizes Megaport’s role as a gateway to Taiwan, inviting music lovers worldwide to immerse themselves in the vibrant music and culture of the region. Over the past two years, despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Megaport has actively engaged with international artists, fostering dynamic interactions between different styles and cultures. Looking ahead, Doris is excited about the prospect of witnessing the growth of even more remarkable music productions and scenes at Megaport in the future.

CEO of KMC, Baboo Ding, expressed that KMC possesses performance spaces of various specifications, and owns self-produced IP programs including the Lanbaoshí (Sapphire) Cabaret Show and Takao Rock. Through exchange meetings, KMC has established cooperative relationships with music festivals and venues in neighboring countries. Looking ahead, it aims to assist Taiwanese music festivals and musicians in expanding overseas and introduce distinctive performances and events for tours in Taiwan.

Homme Tsai, TAICCA Chairperson, underscored the significance of collaborating with Megaport Festival and KMC, thereby strengthening ties between Taiwan and the international music industry amidst evolving global dynamics. TAICCA pledges to allocate marketing resources to develop musicians’ target markets further and promote Taiwan’s music culture on a global scale.

About Megaport Festival 

Megaport Festival was founded in Kaohsiung in 2006 by the organizer of Formoz Festival: 1995-2013, a music festival in Taipei. The two festivals, Megaport and Formoz, respectively originating from the South and the North are pioneers of current Taiwanese music festivals. Megaport, one of the most iconic outdoor music festivals in Taiwan, is held in late March every year near the Port of Kaohsiung. With its one-of-a-kind harbor landscape and local custom, Megaport has become a place that always brings back old memories for the locals.

About KMC

Kaohsiung Music Center was opened in October 2021. It was commissioned by the Ministry of Culture to the Kaohsiung Municipal Government to plan, design, construct, and operate the center under a new Independent Administrative Corporation model. It aims to create a platform to exchange of local music industrial talents, develop the popular music industry, connect with the global popular music network, and become the new base for music and leisure.


The Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA), established in June 2019 and supported by the Ministry of Culture, is a professional intermediary organization working to promote the development of Taiwan’s content industries including film and TV, publishing, pop music, ACG, and more.

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