Turnover live in Indonesia

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For the second time Turnover come to Indonesia (Asia Tour 2019)

  • Writer: Aryandra Kareem
  • Photographer: Emirul Fahmi

After two years, American Indie Rock/Emo band from Virginia Beach, Virginia Turnover perform for the second time with the new album Good Nature in Rossi Musik Jakarta, Indonesia 22 May 2019. Also, 630 recordings is back again as a promoter of this event who bring back they to perform, and the ticket was Sold Out.

Turnover in Jakarta

Unfortunately, the original bassist can’t continue the tour because he was sick and replaced by New Yorker Anthony Miralles as an additional player, he flew straight from New York, the USA to Manilla, the Philippines to finish the rest of the tour agenda.

Turnover live in Jakarta

The US embassy and the management warn the band to cancel the show at Indonesia because of the election matters like demonstrating and the chaotic situation. Despite any of all circumstances, they decided to still come down to Jakarta.

The shows opened by the Indonesian rock band GHO$$ at 8 pm and 9 pm Turnover starts to hit the stage. The audience entered the venue and began to shout while the group prepared for the show.

Turnover in Jakarta

Finally Turnover is ready to perform, the first song of the setlist is New Scream from the sophomore successfully album Peripheral Vision (2015), and immediately the audience shouted and sang along. Austin, the vocalist and guitarist smile while he sang the first song, feeling grateful and greet the audience during the break of their set. Mostly they played the new album Good Nature (2017). The set ended with hits Cutting My Fingers Off and encore Humming, again from the sophomore album Peripheral Vision, they played around ten songs only from the second and third album.

Turnover in Jakarta

Before their show at Jakarta, Turnover performed at Manila, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur. The band continued their last Asia tour in Bangkok, Thailand 25 May 2019 at Pink Cloud Festival

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